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Course Overview

Run your business on your terms. Here is how.
Optional: bring plants and umbrella drinks.


Backstory and Intro
Playing It Safe Almost Killed The Spark
Avoiding Perfection, Getting Uncomfortable Your Own Story


Grittiness In Work
Goal Of Photoshoots - It’s Not Just A Day
A Story About Hair & Perfection
 Embracing The Battles Of Seniors
Creating A Sustainable Brand With Imperfection
Life Is Not A MUA Following You Around A Story
How Do You Get To Know Your Senior So Quickly?
 Photography As A Creative Outlet

PSYCHOLOGY AND Storyboarding

Influence of Psychology In Work
Skipping The Superficial Shit
Joys of Interior Design, Attention To Detail
Seeing The World In Stories
Shooting For Words
Getting Past The Fear Of Being Vulnerable
Removing Price From The Equation
Sending The Message To Be You To Seniors

On Location Shoot With Spanki

Introduction To Location, Scoping It Out
Sorting Through Wardrobe
Changes & Adjustments For First Look
Start My Seniors Sitting Down With The 35MM Lens
Knock Out The “Mom” Shots First
Instructing Senior For First Shots
Standing Adjustments & Tweaks
Getting Things Right In Camera
 Setting The Next Scene - Walking Into A Ball
Using Hands & Hair To Change Look
Spanki’s Alter Ego #601 Arrives - Creepy Old Guy
Shooting Through Windows, Finding Alternative Looks

Adjusting Jewelry
Using Direct Light
New Perspective With Outfit #2
Getting Close Up & Far Away Shots
Why Does Spanki Always Take Two Shots
Setting Up A Badass Pose

Finding Alternative Light Patterns
Posing The Couch Shot
Adding Elements In
Standing And Symmetry
Photographing Accessories
Pullback Of Space And Existing Light
Spanki’s Multi-Shot Style
How To Create Details Without A Rad Location
Using Window Light
Leaning & Sitting Looks
 Shoot Wrap & Goodbyes!

Marketing And Pricing

Intro To Marketing Methods
Identifying Your Own Strengths
Creating Events With Like-Minded Businesses
Avoiding Mismatched Clients
Pricing Yourself
Digital Collections and Packages
Keeping The Entire Business Simple
Natural = Authenticity
What Gear Spanki Uses
Escaping Editing & Retouching Hell
What Can Clients See?
Client Emails, Alternative Lifestyle
Preconsult and IPS
Clothing Planning
Product Selections and Pushes
Album Design And Aesthetics
When IPS Doesn’t Work For You
Am I Legit Because I Do Things Differently?



Seniors, Portraits


Beginner To Intermediate+


$149 One Time, Lifetime Access

Let's ignite you and your senior business for just $149.


All Day Business Course + Shoot


100% Happiness Guarantee Within 30 Days


"The way you spoke about yourself and your business spoke to me in ways I really can't describe. 

You made me remember my WHY. What got me was you talking about taking pictures of your babies tiny fingers with dirt under the fingernails. It was such and ah ha moment for me. That's why I fell in love with photography in the first place.

Not to be too sappy, but you are kind of a total bad ass all across the board!"

-Tracy Shayewitz, Northern California


Let's ignite you and your senior business, for just $149.

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