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Course Overview

The most comprehensive course on network marketing for wedding professionals.

Getting Started With Events

Hitting Every Networking Event
Seven Fold In Bookings - Not 7x Better
 Finding The Balance With Volume Vs. Pricing
Networking For Wedding Type
Seek Out Industry Specific Organizations
National Industry Events
Related Local Events by Vendors and Groups
Determining Which Events Are Worth The Investment
Investigate Charity Events
Clients Are Looking At Your Social Media Accounts
Pre-Building Relationships Before a Face to Face Meeting
Genuine Interest - Finding Mutual Likes to Break the Ice

Efficiency & Growth

Psychology & People Skills

Why Your Past Clients Are NOT Your Best Referral Source
Vendor Partners & Elevating Your Brand
Market Is Only As Big As Your Network
Sometimes Unpaid Work Is Beneficial
Final Image Usage Can Be On A Case By Case Basis
Trading and Bartering
Ask A lot Of Questions, Be Informed
Don’t Just Ask To Be Put On the Preferred Vendor List
It’s Not Enough To Simply Be On The List
Getting on the List
Foster Relationships
Client and Referral Partner Gifting is Important
Personalize the Gifts
Treat All Vendors Respectfully
Low End Vendors Will Only Go Up & Remember You For Better or for Worse
First Impressions Can Make Or Break Connections
Don’t Go Overboard with Personal Information

Social Networking

Driving Is A Waste of Time
Take Advantage of the Ride There to Research the Event Other Benefits to Not Driving to Networking Events Don’t Be Afraid to Go Solo
Find the “Seasoned Traveller” or Extroverts in the Room Look at Networking Like Dating
Keep Showing Up Consistently
Consider Being a Vendor Participant
Why Not To Bring Business Cards to Networking Events Take the Extra Steps on Social Media
Keeping Track and Remembering Everyone You Meet 

Direct Messaging is Your Friend
Be Specific With Comments
Using Push Notifications to Target Relationships You Want to Foster
Good Relationships Take Time
The Good Ol’ Hustle
Take the Initiative to Foster Relationships with Vendors
Always Follow Up With Vendors You Work With
Get Great Shoots Published and Use It As An Excuse to Get In Touch



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"Brian carefully maps things out and sets up the perfect game plan. While I was afraid to step out of my comfort zone, I’m so thankful that I took Brian's advice! I began booking more clients, making more money and enjoying what I do that much more. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Brian. I finally reached a point I was beyond happy with my business and continuing to grow. Thanks, Brian!"

-Jihan Cerda, Jihan Cerda Photography


Let's lock in your wedding marketing this year for just $99.

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