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We believe that knowledge should be fluid. Thought-provoking. And as unique as the business and art you create. We are confident you can accelerate your growth without boring or drawn-out education.

So what does Sessions do? We craft personal, tailored courses for the modern photographer. We don’t do traditional and we don’t do formalities. Well, shit - what DO we do?

We give you lean, information-packed courses that you can take and implement in your own business right away. Let us take the guess-work out of the game.

You have the potential, the ability, and the drive to take your art and business to the next level. We don’t want to get in the way of that. We take the industries best-kept secrets, reverse engineer them, and give them to you.

 We’ve been called rebels in the industry. And they might be right. But we just can’t imagine watching another PBS-style educumentary (not a word, don’t Google it) on out-dated, boring methods.

 If you like the sound of that - we’ll get along just fine. And if not? No hard feelings, we love you all the same.

Photography is changing.
Shouldn't your education too?

Some might say...
the best in the world.

Premium Courses

We collaborate with the industry's most creative and most successful leaders to bring you inside their world. Whether you're looking to improve your craft, your business, or yourself - a Sessions course is the best way to grow leaps and bounds.

Spanki Mills

Austin Trenholm

High School Seniors

Wedding Photography

Spanki has tugged the heartstrings of photographers worldwide. More than just a captivating, raw portfolio, she takes us through finding success from the inside out.

Austin moved from the NE to Florida and became one of Florida's top wedding photographer. He shares the in and outs of how we can do the same for our market.

Mario Masitti

High School Seniors

Mario bootstrapped a 6-figure a year senior business in the recession, and now teaches other photographers how to harness their strengths to create sustainable studios.

Brian Leahy

wedding networking

The top California wedding photographer, Brian knows the power of networking. He breaks down his every move for creating a sustainable, long-term wedding business.

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